Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB)

The TCAB Volunteer Program is for people interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. Volunteers have an opportunity to learn what nurses and other healthcare professionals do in their daily work. They also experience how it feels to interact with patients and families at the bedside.

Some of our volunteers are employed in other professions and want to find out if a career in healthcare might be the right path for them; and some are already on that path and are looking for more experience at the bedside.

The TCAB program is structured with specific requirements, however, the most successful volunteers are those who can take initiative in shaping their own experiences.

Time Commitment

The TCAB program has five-month rotations that begin in January, May and September.  Volunteers work one four-hour shift a week between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Each volunteer is required to write and submit a weekly electronic journal — a narrative that summarizes the experiences, challenges and lessons from that week’s shift. Reflective learning is an important aspect of the TCAB program.

What TCAB Volunteers Do for the Staff and Patients

The first thing volunteers will do upon arriving at the nursing station is to complete patient-safety visits (patient fall prevention, hand-hygiene education, environment of care rounding, etc.).

Other duties include:

  • Providing comfort and support to patients and families as needed
  • Assisting patients in preparing for discharge (helping with belongings, helping to make calls to family or others regarding pickup time, wheeling patients to street level)
  • Communicating to the healthcare team any identified patient or family needs
  • Assisting with room amenities
  • Assisting patients with meal setup and menu selection as needed
  • Answering telephones and patient call lights as needed
  • Helping patients using wheelchairs as needed — with assistance of nurse
  • Providing any assistance to the professional team that will enhance the patient’s stay
  • Helping make beds (cannot strip beds)
  • Walking with patients (cannot ambulate patients alone)
  • Bringing whatever a patient wants that is approved by a nurse (e.g., water, drinks, food, blankets, pillows, booties)
  • Volunteers are NOT allowed to perform any direct patient-care activities

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