Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB)

The TCAB Volunteer Program is for people interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. Volunteers have an opportunity to learn what nurses and other healthcare professionals do in their daily work. They also experience how it feels to interact with patients and families at the bedside.

Some of our volunteers are employed in other professions and want to find out if a career in healthcare might be the right path for them; and some are already on that path and are looking for more experience at the bedside.

The TCAB program is structured with specific requirements; however, the most successful volunteers are those who can take initiative in shaping their own experiences.

Time Commitment

Volunteers work a minimum of one four-hour shift a week between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. The shift will be scheduled for the same day and time each week and we offer shifts seven days a week. We understand that many of the volunteers in our TCAB program have full lives outside of the hospital and we will choose a shift for you that accommodates your schedule and meets the needs of the Medical Center.


Each volunteer is required to write and submit a weekly electronic journal — a narrative that summarizes the experiences, challenges and lessons from that week’s shift. Mentorship and reflective learning is an important aspect of the TCAB program.


Applicants are required to commit to volunteering during the entire session — the next TCAB rotation session is March 11-Aug. 11, 2017. Due to limited availability, we encourage anyone interested to apply as soon as possible. Apply through our Adult Volunteer Application. Applicants will be interviewed and are required to attend general adult volunteer orientation.