Heather Merry, MD

Thoracic Surgery

Heather Merry, MD is a thoracic surgeon at the Cedars-Sinai Women's Guild Lung Institute. She is board certified in surgery.

Dr. Merry treats all causes of shortness of breath. As a thoracic surgeon, she performs lung operations, including lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema, tracheal surgery, plication for a paralyzed diaphragm and lung transplantation. She has expertise using a proactive approach to patients exhibiting severe, late-stage lung disease, working closely with each patient’s pulmonologist to help provide an accurate diagnosis and to identify treatment options with the best potential to extend longevity and improve quality of life.

Dr. Merry’s research focus is in the development of treatments for end-stage lung disease, understanding the factors that promote or prevent injury in transplanted lungs and exploring the cellular-level response to hypoxia and re-oxygenation.  

Dr. Merry has made several presentations on her research and has co-authored numerous articles on lung disease and thoracic surgery.  She is a member of the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation as well as Women in Thoracic Surgery.

An alumnus of the University of Washington, Dr. Merry simultaneously earned a bachelor’s in classical studies and bachelor’s in cell and molecular biology. She remained at the University to earn her medical degree, perform her residency and complete a postdoctoral research fellowship and a fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery.

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