Added Value and Competitive Edge

Work & Life Matters' Added Value
  • Working to leverage the value of the organization's investment in its workforce by encouraging employee engagement
  • Improving the abilities of employees and dependents to positively respond to life's challenges
  • Developing employee and leader competencies in helping to manage workplace pressures and improve employee and work team performance
  • Work to Increase efficient use of healthcare resources through early identification of issues, care management and recovery efforts
Work & Life Matters' Competitive Edge
  • State of the art "high touch" services
  • 25 years of experience with expertise in understanding the culture of organizations, collaborating with stakeholders and quickly aligning with client organizations' mission
  • Seasoned (master's and doctorate degree) staff operating cohesively and and from an understanding of client's organization and philosophy
  • Responsive, cutting-edge approaches, tailored to the unique needs of employees with high performance demands
  • Organizational assistance.  "At the table" support for critical organizational transitions
  • Proven high utilization by employees and managements, across industries
  • Comprehensive leader surveys to assess EAP effectiveness
  • Innovative, customized leadership development and staff development seminars