Staff Development Workshops

Work & Life Matters offers state-of-the-art management training programs that empower employees to handle a wide range of contemporary workplace challenges and inspire the highest level of employee productivity and commitment at all levels of the organization. 

Strengthening Workplace Relationships

Innovation and increasing expectations are the norm when working in any organization that is a leader in its field. To keep up with complex demands, work groups need to raise the bar to enhance the working relationship and mutual support among colleagues. This five-session series helps empower teams to resolve workplace conflict and create a culture of trust and cohesion. In the workshop, teams learn to formulate a Code of Communication and practice skills that help eliminate blame and build trust when dealing with challenging situations.


Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

This two-hour session is designed for people who work in diverse work environments. Workshop goals are to increase participants' awareness of bias, cultivate inclusiveness and build work group trust and cohesion. Participants are encouraged to bring real life examples of challenging situations.


Blame-Free Work Environment

First there was "drug-free" workplace, then "harassment-free" workplace. Blame-free is the next wave of corporate growth. Participants will get tools for bringing out the best in their co-workers and explore the types of support and circumstances that increase job satisfaction.


Change as Opportunity

This training is designed to show managers and supervisors how to lead teams effectively through periods of transition. Managers assess their own attitudes toward change and gain an understanding of the various emotional stages employees experience when change occurs. Workshop participants are given specific tools and strategies to help staff members cope with transition and leave the workshop having formed a practical plan to facilitate change in their work groups. 


Managing Difficult Situations

This workshop focuses on the development of advanced conflict resolution skills for managers. Starting with an examination of common responses to conflict, workshop leaders discuss the role of attitude and intention in managing challenging situations. Participants learn how to maintain emotional distance in tense circumstances and to deal effectively with manipulative and intimidating behaviors. Demonstration and guided-practice provides specific strategies for managing complicated conflicts that tend to cause work disruption, anger, frustration and job burnout.