Cedars-Sinai assists patients and community members through information resources and other services to help meet their needs.

American Parkinson Disease Association Information and Referral Center

The Information and Referral Center offers the latest information on medical and surgical treatment for Parkinson's; referrals to neurologists who specialize in treating the disease; and help finding assistance in the home, medical equipment, exercise programs, counseling and a variety of other community services and resources. Call (877) 223-3277 toll free.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter services provide system-wide and community-based services to facilitate communication regarding the interpretation of medical information between hospital staff and patients/family with limited English proficiency. For assistance, contact (310) 423-5353.

Meals on Wheels

This program provides meals delivered to homes of the elderly, ill and homeless unable to prepare meals or leave their home. Every Monday through Friday, the Meals on Wheels team of 12-15 volunteers delivers a nutritious hot lunch and dinner to individuals in need throughout Beverly Hills and the adjacent area. Contact (310) 423-3517 for more information.

Neurosurgical Information and Referral Center

The Neurosurgical Information and Referral Center provides patients and families with information about their condition, treatment options and support groups. Contact (310) 423-0897.

Prescription Counseling Services

Prescription counseling services provide free or partial pay medications to patients who are unable to pay for them to help improve their health. Approximately 4,750 prescriptions were given to patients at Cedars-Sinai for free or at reduced cost this past fiscal year. Click here to link to the pharmacy webpage.

Psychological Trauma Center

Serving 7,245 individuals in fiscal year 2007, the Psychological Trauma Center (PTC) is a school-based, outreach program that provides counseling services directly at school sites in low-income and gang areas throughout Los Angeles. Many of these students have experienced or witnessed domestic or gang violence or other traumatic events. PTC addresses school and student needs through a variety of specialized programs for crisis intervention, consultation and prevention.

SEASONS Geriatric Intensive Outpatient Program

SEASONS teaches patients how to cope with aging and helps them maintain their highest level of independence. SEASONS is the Geriatric Intensive Outpatient Program for people 55 and older.

Teen Line

Teen Line offers advice and referrals to teens by teens. This is a teen-to-teen, peer counseling help line, which strives to minimize adolescent trauma and stress. Call 800-TLC-TEEN, open 6pm to 10pm Pacific Time, every night.

Volunteer Services

With over 2,000 volunteers, Cedars-Sinai's Volunteer Services complements and supplements clinical areas in the hospital by providing compassionate, well-trained and resourceful individuals who provide quality care.

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