Crisis Intervention

Suicide, gang violence, death by natural causes or at the hands of another - these tragic events can have devastating emotional effects on the children who are their indirect victims. When the unthinkable happens at a school or in the community, our team responds with crisis intervention and consultation to help children, teachers, administrators and parents.

We often work in partnership with school crisis teams as occurred recently when high school cheerleader died suddenly of natural causes during a school football game. Since our Share and Care counselor was on site weekly, he was able to meet with the most affected students, lead drop-in groups for students in need of someone to talk with and conduct special groups with the cheerleaders, football team and band.

When the father of two elementary school students was fatally shot, our Share and Care counselor was there to help the surviving children and their classmates work through the loss and horror of the violence. We worked with the victim’s children individually to help them with their fears and grieving. Recognizing the indirect impact on classmates and friends, we engaged the two children’s classmates with art therapy – the process enabled the youngsters to express their thoughts and concerns, with our counselor guiding them and helping to reduce their worries.