Substance Abuse

"My problem isn’t drugs. It’s anger.”

The traumatic experiences and exposures to gang or domestic violence that hamper children's learning also make them vulnerable to substance abuse.

Drugs and alcohol can become an escape mechanism to soothe anguished feelings of hurt, anger, fear, loneliness and sadness.

We work with middle school and high school students on a three-part educational prevention program that helps them to develop coping skills to avoid drugs and alcohol.

Examining the world of addiction on a level that is easy for students of this age to understand, we begin by educating them about how substance abuse can harm their lives and how various drugs affect them psychically and emotionally. Then, through mindfulness exercises and discussions, we explore the nature of addiction. Finally, we look at how drugs affect the body and its functioning.

Many of the students we see have a history of substance abuse, so all of our group curriculums allow them to reveal in confidence their substance use, and those with the most serious addictions may receive specialized substance abuse intervention.

Please view the Winter 2011 of our newsletter, Embracing Our Community, to learn more about our substance abuse educational program.

For more information on substance abuse, recognizing the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, and where parents can get help, please click on our Resources section.