Community Outreach

While Cedars-Sinai delivers the highest quality patient care, and advances medicine through research and education, it is equally committed to meeting the health needs of vulnerable, underserved populations in the surrounding community. This dedication to community service has been an intrinsic part of our mission for more than 100 years.

We help our community grow stronger and healthier by providing more than 60 ongoing programs that improve access to health care, encourage prevention and provide education for people of all ages. The more than 5,300 community activities we offer or participate in each year include free or low-cost care for the needy, screenings for a variety of medical conditions, health lectures, exercise classes, support groups and flu-shot clinics.

We are able to do more for the community by partnering with schools, synagogues and churches, local government, senior centers, and health and human service programs. We also offer training and support that expands the capabilities of these organizations. The result of all these efforts is a far-reaching and long-lasting impact on community health.

The medical center makes a significant investment in community benefit, with a total financial contribution of more than $317 million in fiscal year 2008, which includes: Traditional Charity Care and Uninsured Patients, Unpaid Costs of State Programs, Unpaid Cost of Specialty Government Programs, Unpaid Cost of Federal Programs, and Community Benefit. Please click here for more information on our financial contribution.

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