Program Testimonials

Nazanin Firooz, MD
Current Position: Rheumatologist
Fellowship years: 2007-2009
Strengths of the training program:

  •  “Reputable institution—both from the view point of patients and colleagues.”
  •  Over 30 rheumatologists on staff, meaning there is training from a range of points of view. Also it is an excellent networking opportunity for those interested in private practice.
  •  “Teaching by both academic and private rheumatologists means that one not only learns the science of rheumatology, but also the bread-and-butter of private practice, including a chance to shadow private physicians and learn about office management and billing.”
  •  In journal club we got to discuss more than one article-several in fact-with the opportunity to learn how the information in the article applies to practice. I thought this was much more useful than analyzing one article to pieces. Also the articles were always diverse, covering topics in both basic science and clinical rheumatology. More than 2 years since graduation, I still try not to miss these meetings.”
  •  “All of us got to attend ACR, regardless of our year. A private attending covered the ward! I think this was exceptional and truly appreciated.”

Catherine Driver, MD
Current Position: Rheumatologist with Mission Internal Medical Group in Mission Viejo, CA
Fellowship Years: 2005-2007
Strengths of the training program:

  •  “Great well rounded clinical training and an opportunity to work closely with internationally known experts in AS, SLE, RA, etc.”
  • “A great deal of personal attention and individualized training as it is a small program.”
  • "Opportunity to interact with national experts in various areas when they come for journal club and grand rounds.”

Melissa Schoenwetter, MD
Current Position: Rheumatologist, United States Air Force
Fellowship Years: 2005-2007
Strengths of the training program:

  •  “Grand rounds offered an opportunity to meet with and learn from well published rheumatologists from across the country.”
  •  “Monthly journal clubs where 4-6 cutting edge articles are discussed, often one of the authors was present as well as the speaker from Grand Rounds. Not only did this give us a chance to learn from the journal articles but to further discuss topics of interest with the guest speaker from grand rounds.”
  • “Training with Dr. Weisman, and author of the textbook Rheumatology and a highly regarded rheumatologist by many nationwide.”
  •  “Opportunity to work with a variety of rheumatologists, both in academics and private practice, to see their styles and approaches to complex disease.”
  •  “Cedars is a large medical center with approximately 1200 beds. Provides an opportunity to see a variety of pathology.”
  • “Opportunity to work at Harbor UCLA weekly at both an arthritis and lupus clinic and at 2 separate VA clinics. Provides a well-rounded education with a diverse patient population.”