Graduate Student Statistics

Cedars Sinai Graduate Program has applicants from a wide variety of undergraduate institutions and values a diverse student population.  The Program encourages students from all ethnic backgrounds to apply.  Our current ethnicity statistics for applicants are shown below:

For the 2015 academic year, the program received 53 applications and interviewed 24 of the applicants.  A total of 8 students were admitted into the PhD program and 1 student was admitted into the Master of Science program.  The average GRE scores follow:  Verbal-61, Quantitative-55, Analytical-57 (shown in percentile rankings).

 The average time to degree is 4.8 years and the current retention rate is 89%.  Students are closely mentored to ensure individual attention in the classroom as well as in each student's individual research laboratory.

The Graduate PhD Program in Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine started its first class in the Fall of 2008 and has produced 7 graduates in 2013.  Six students graduated in June, 2014 and an additional 6 students graduated in June of 2015.  The graduation rate is 96% in less than 5 years.

Our graduates have gone on to work as post-doctoral researchers and research associates, as well as have successfully entered medical school. Employers include Shiley Eye Center of University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Pathway Genomics (San Diego, CA), Weizman Institute (Rehovot, Israel), Capricor Therapuetics (Los Angeles, CA), University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Puerto Rico. Over one half of our graduates (64%) receive Postdoctoral Fellowships and the current placement rate is 100%; for detailed employer information, please contact the Graduate Program Office.