PhD Program

Cedars-Sinai's PhD Program in Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine achieves the merging of scientific and translational medicine curricula with mentoring by both researchers and clinicians, as well as broad exposure to clinical medicine. Our program will provide the opportunity to focus on the translation of scientific discoveries into the application of therapies, treatments, and cures, conducted in one of the leading medical centers in the country. 

As a major community medical center and tertiary referral center, Cedars-Sinai offers unparalleled opportunity for translational studies. The research buildings which house the graduate program are surrounded by cutting-edge centers of excellence in a wide range of medical disciplines. The program's faculty includes clinicians who interact daily with patients in hospital and clinic settings. Similarly, basic scientists who work in Cedars-Sinai's research community are focused on uncovering new knowledge that will directly advance patient care.

It is the PhD program's mission to:

  • Educate biomedical science students in a spirit of self-learning, creativity and independence, so as to optimize their opportunities and success in their chosen career pathways.
  • Provide an understanding of the relevance of basic biomedical science to human disease through an exploration of the foundations of translational and clinical research and through interactions with medical practitioners.
  •  Instill the ability to communicate scientific information accurately and effectively to professional and non-professional audiences, in both verbal and written formats.

More information about the graduate programs:

Graduate Program Catalog 2016-2017

Graduate Program Policy Handbook

Students can complete the program, which confers a PhD in biomedical science and translational medicine, in five years. Students receive a $41,000 annual stipend.

At this time, Cedars-Sinai graduate programs are not able to accept any international/foreign applicants who do not have citizenship or permanent residency in the U.S.