Expert Team at International Health and Telemedicine

Our team is ready to help both international patients and doctors.  We can provide assistance in many ways, from setting up medical consultations to arranging for a visa.


Spencer Koerner, MD

VP and Medical Director Center for International Health

Holly Ghilotti, MPH

Health System Director Center for International Health

Donna Bias, RN

Clinical Coordinator

Jorge Goldberg, MD, FACP

Consultant Mexico

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Labeeb HajGhubn, MD, MS

Medical Coordinator Mideast Affairs

Yichen Kate Jiang, MBA

Administrative Fellow International Health and Telemedicine

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Cecilia Patino, RN

Clinical Coordinator

Ron Riley

Telehealth Technical Coordinator

Margo Torres, BSN

Consultant Mexico Relations

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Jonelle Wimbush

International Financial Service Specialist