The Neurovascular Surgery Center offers the complete range of treatments for vascular disorders that affect the brain and spinal cord, including aneurysms (thin-walled, balloon-like areas in blood vessels), arteriovenous malformations or AVMs (defects of the arteries and veins), strokes, and tumors of the blood or lymph vessels.


Bleeding from a brain aneurysm is a life-threatening emergency, requiring complex medical and surgical skills to increase the chances of recovery. About 10 million people have a brain aneurysm in the United States each year, and about 15,000 people die from their aneurysms. Neurosurgeons (physicians who specialize in surgery of the nervous system) at the Institute are specialists in the surgical treatment of aneurysms. The most common treatment is clipping, which involves placing a small clip on the neck of the aneurysm to remove the risk of bleeding. Some patients are best treated by endovascular (within a vessel) surgery, which involves placing metal coils directly into the aneurysm. Our team is also very experienced in screening patients at high risk for brain aneurysms before they cause any symptoms.