Patients - Outpatient Care

Cedars-Sinai offers you the outstanding combination of high technology diagnostic and treatment facilities and a world-renowned staff of professional technologists and physicians. You can be assured that your evaluation, test or treatment will be the most sophisticated available.


When you schedule your appointment, you will be told where to come to register. Some of our outpatient diagnostic and treatment areas have registration representatives right in the department. If your service does not have onsite registration, please go to the Admitting Office on the street level of the South Tower on Gracie Allen Drive. Please bring your insurance card for registration.

Where to Go

If you don't know the building and room number where you are to go, please call our Hospitality Center at (310) 423-4444 for directions. View the Medical Center map and parking information.

Please call our Admitting Department at (310) 423-5327 for more information.