Frequently Asked Questions About Cedars-Sinai


How do I make a patient appointment?

Please call 1-800-CEDARS-1 (1-800-233-2771) to make an appointment with a Cedars-Sinai physician.


I would like to find a Cedars-Sinai physician. How can I do that?

Our Physician Referral Program connects you to a Cedars-Sinai physician who most appropriately meets your healthcare needs. The search criteria you enter will be matched with up to three physician names from which you may select. To further aid in your selection, we provide contact information along with educational and medical training background, and length of time in practice for each physician.

What insurance plans does Cedars-Sinai accept?

At Cedars-Sinai Health System, we believe world-class healthcare should be accessible to everyone. That's why we accept most insurance plans, including private insurance, HMOs, Medicare and Medi-Cal. Visit the insurance plan page for more information.

Will there be somebody at the medical center that speaks my language?

Our medical and administrative staff come from all over the over the world, as do the people who live in the neighborhoods around the hospital. Dozens of languages are spoken in our offices, patient rooms, hallways and sidewalks. It gives us a unique, multicultural personality. The medical center has access to interpreters for at least 45 different languages.

Is there any easy way to communicate with family and friends? I have a vast network of concerned people from all over the United States and need an easy way to communicate with them.

You may choose to establish a Care Page account. CarePages are free, personal, private Web pages that help family and friends communicate quickly and privately.

Use CarePages to connect and share news, support and encouragement. Whether you are in the hospital, receiving care at home, or recovering, CarePages provides the forum to share stories and get support.

You control the people that participate and your communication is private and secure.

How do I get to the medical center and where can I park once I get there?

Locations and directions will help you navigate your way to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and, once you're here, to help you get around the medical center. Parking information is provided. Feel free to stop any person wearing a Cedars-Sinai badge to ask for directions to your destination.

Where will my family and I be able to stay while we're at the medical center?

A partial list of hotels and motels is provided to assist you in making lodging arrangements. Be sure to mention Cedars-Sinai when you inquire as to rates - some facilities may give Cedars-Sinai patients a preferred rate. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center does not endorse any establishment or service.

What are the dining options at or near the medical center?

In addition to the In-Hospital Dining options on the medical center campus, the area immediately surrounding the medical center is rich with restaurants.  Kosher and Halal restaurant information is provided. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center does not endorse any establishment or service.

What are the services and amenities in or around the medical center, like shopping, grocery stores, banks, libraries, etc.?

The Los Angeles Resource pages provide a number of shopping and service options for those unfamiliar with the area. Most of these businesses are in close proximity to the medical center. Information about leisure activities, including parks and local attractions, also is available.Cedars-Sinai Medical Center does not endorse any establishment or service.

What are my transportation options for getting to and around Los Angeles?

Information about local airports, airport shuttle services, bus transportation, taxi service and automobile rental, can be found on the Transportation page.Cedars-Sinai Medical Center does not endorse any establishment or service.

I have some questions regarding access to my medical records, billing, privacy and hospitalization issues?

Medical record information, privacy practices, billing information, and hospitalization information are provided here.

Where can I get spiritual support at the medical center?

Cedars-Sinai offers Spiritual Care Services to patients and their loved ones. Often during the course of serious illnesses, patients and their families and friends can be caught up in a bewildering schedule of medications, treatments, doctor visits, surgeries and tests. Sometimes end-of-life issues must be confronted. At Cedars-Sinai, we understand that healing involves the whole person - body, mind, spirit and soul.

Our chapel, located on the Plaza Level between the North and South Tower, is open to persons of all faiths 24 hours a day.

Are there designated smoking areas at the medical center?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus, including sidewalks, parking structures and inside vehicles whether parked or driving through campus. This is part of ongoing efforts to ensure a healthy environment for our patients, visitors and employees.

Patients who smoke should discuss how to manage withdrawal symptoms and/or quit smoking with their physician.

Where do I wait while a patient is having surgery?

There are designated waiting areas on each floor of the hospital. These areas are most commonly found in the middle corridor between the North and South Towers. The outside courtyard on the Plaza Level provides benches. Also, there is a comfortable seating area in the main lobby of the South Tower, Plaza Level, just outside of the Helping Hand Gift Shop.

Are cellular phones allowed at the hospital?

Cellular phones are generally allowed in the waiting areas located in the middle corridor between the North and South Towers. It is suggested that you check with the main desk if you need to use your cellular phone in any patient care areas.