Glioma Trials

Anaplastic Gliomas

  • Newly Diagnosed Anaplastic Glioma (AA/AO/AOA) Without 1p/19q Deletion: TTOG 0834 - A Phase III trial on concurrent and adjuvant temozolomide chemotherapy in Non 1/19q deleted anaplastic glioma.  The CATNON intergroup trial (RTOG 0824). (more information)
  • Newly Diagnosed AA/AO/AO with1p/19q Codeletion: RTOG 1071 - A Phase III intergroup study of radiotherapy versus temozolomide alone versus radiotherapy with concomitant an adjuvant temozolomide for patients with 1p/19q codeleted anaplastic glioma (CODEL-RTOG)  (more information)


  • Newly Diagnosed or Recurrent Malignant Glioma - A Phase I trial of surgical resection followed by vaccination with dendritic cells pulsed with tumor lysate with imiquimod for patients with malignant glioma (more information)
  • Recurrent High Grade Gliomas and Brain Metastases - Pilot study of phosphodiesterase-V Inhibitor (vardenafi) to increase intratumoral concentration of carboplatin in patients with recurrent high grade gliomas and brain metastases (more information)
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