Breast Center Comfort Room

The Comfort Room at the Saul and Joyce Brandman Breast Center - A Project of Women's Guild was specially designed as a place where patients and family members meet with physicians and nurses to get to know each other. Here you will have the time get to know your physician, go over your medical history review form, talk about the tests and screenings you have had, discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and review any concerns you have regarding treatment options and surgery. Sometimes, you may meet in your physician's office too.

The Breast Center physicians work closely with your primary care physician, internist or ob/gyn to make sure everyone is part of your treatment. We believe in empowering patients and healthcare providers with appropriate treatment recommendations, as well as knowledge, support and care.

This time is also an opportunity to learn about the broad range of services the Breast Center offers to give you the best possible care, such as support groups and services, women's health resources, alternative medicine and therapies, and physical therapy.

Your physician will also explain to you how the Breast Center has a multidisciplinary team of breast cancer specialists that meet for a Weekly Case Review. This meeting brings together surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, alternative therapy specialists, and nurse specialists to decide and agree on the best course of treatment for your cancer.

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