For Medical Professionals

Watch this video to learn how the role of the Tumor Board at Cedars-Sinai leads to personalized, improved care: 



The Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute provides a number of services and opportunities for physicians and healthcare professionals.

These services are designed to share the medical knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise of the members of the institute's team of specialists and experts.

This assures that patients get the most from their treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the best possible treatment for the cancers that they have.

Tumor Boards

To help ensure that Cedars-Sinai provides the best possible care to our patients, the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute joins with the Samuel Oschin Cancer Center and the medical staff to conduct 11 Tumor Boards/Cancer Conferences each month. Click here to learn more about the Tumor Board.

These meetings allow specialists from varying fields to discuss cancer management options, including pretreatment evaluation, staging, treatment strategy and rehabilitation. The conferences contribute to the education of healthcare providers of all disciplines.

Cases reviewed represent all major cancer sites and 10% of all new cases seen at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Most are presented at a time when treatment of the patient could be influenced by the discussion.