Quality and Safety

The quality of care and outcomes following surgery for colorectal cancer at Cedars-Sinai are continually monitored and reported. Specifically, these factors are monitored:
• The number of colorectal surgical procedures done at Cedars-Sinai
• The average length of a hospital stay following colorectal cancer surgery
• The rate of minimally invasive surgical procedures done compared to traditional, open surgery
• The percentage of cancer surgeries that require a patient to have a colostomy. (A colostomy is a an opening a surgeon makes in the abdomen to allow the body’s wastes to be collected in a bag for disposal.)

The Cedars-Sinai Colorectal Cancer Program compares its data with those of other hospitals in the following areas:
• The number of colon or rectal surgeries done to treat cancer
• The number of colon or rectal surgeries done overall, and
• The average length of stay in the hospital following colon or rectal surgery

Other measures of the quality of care given to patients at Cedars-Sinai are measures on a hospital-wide basis.  These include:
Nursing excellence
Preventing hospital-acquired infections
Surgical care, including infection prevention and blood clot prevention
Consumer perceptions of Cedars-Sinai
Patient satisfaction

The data presented in these reports reflects the care given by members of the Center of Excellence, staff and faculty physicians and attending physicians.