Clinical Quality Measures Program

The program assists physicians to identify patients who would benefit from treatment in compliance with professional guidelines and to help ensure that treatment. Led by Dr. Dani Hackner, collaborative meetings bring together experts from many departments at Cedars-Sinai, including the Department of Medicine, the Nursing Service, the Health Information Department, the Emergency Department, the performance improvement group and others to review cases and plan strategy.

Key participants in the program include Bojan Cercek, MD (Director of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit; Jim Loftus, MD (Co-Director of the Emergency Department); and Mary Reidinger, RN, PhD (Clinical Coordinator for Core Measures). Others who assist the program include David Hardy, MD (Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases); Michael I. Lewis, MD (Director of the Respiratory Care Unit); Zab Mosenifar, MD (Executive Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine); and Les Sampson, MSN, RN.

Cedars-Sinai faculty members and staff are undertaking efforts to improve quality of care. Topics for these efforts include intensive insulin therapy in the intensive care unit; treatment of agitation, sedation and delirium in the patient who requires ventilator therapy; and calculation of the "airway risk index" for patients in order to identify those at increased risk for breathing problems.

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