Clinical Electrophysiology: Research

Atrial Fibrillation Research Program

The World Health Organization Global Burden of Atrial Fibrillation Panel

Atrial fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia diagnosis around the globe. This panel is charged with evaluating the burden of atrial fibrillation in the WHO's 21 regions of the world. Headed by Dr. Sumeet Chugh (Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute), panel members are Dr. Emelia Benjamin (Framingham Heart Study), Dr. Zhi-Jie Zheng (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute), Dr. Richard Gillum (U.S. CDC) and Dr. George Mensah (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Multi-Center Trials Evaluating Novel Treatment Modalities for Heart Rhythm Disorders

Faculty members of the Electrophysiology Section continue to participate in multiple, ongoing research trials that evaluate newly developed modalities for arrhythmia management.

The Cardiac Arrest Prevention Program

Researchers in the Cardiac Arrest Prevention Program at Cedars-Sinai are working to enhance the understanding of mechanisms of sudden cardiac arrest. Despite current advances, the rate of successful resuscitation from sudden cardiac arrest remains low. Our group is searching for novel determinants of this condition that will facilitate the identification of subjects at risk, with the overall goal of improving prevention of sudden cardiac arrest.

The Cardiac Arrest Prevention Program is involved in a variety of ongoing studies at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Oregon Health & Science University, as well as several national and international collaborative efforts. The Oregon Sudden Unexpected Death Study, initiated and led by Dr. Sumeet Chugh and now in its eighth year, is being conducted in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University.

The Oregon Sudden Unexpected Death Study

This research effort, currently funded by the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute, as well as a collaborative grant with the Johns Hopkins Reynolds Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center, is an investigation of sudden cardiac arrests that occur among residents of the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area. A novel and comprehensive approach of clinical, epidemiologic, environmental, genetic and proteomic analysis is employed to extend and enhance risk stratification and prevention of sudden cardiac death.


  • Sumeet Chugh, MD, Associate Director for Genomic Cardiology, the Heart Institute; Section Chief, Clinical Electrophysiology; Price Endowed Chair in Electrophysiology Research, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; Principal Investigator
  • Jonathan Jui, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Oregon Health & Sciences University,
  • Audrey Uy-Evanado, MD, Research Associate
  • Adriana Huertas-Vaszuez, PhD, Research Scientist I
  • Ron Mariani, EMT-P, Research Associate
  • Jo Navarro, BS, Research Assistant
  • Daniel A. Perez, Biobank Laboratory Manager, Study Coordinator
  • Kyndaron Reinier, PhD, MPH, Research Scientist I
  • Eric Stecker, MD, MPH, Collaborator; Assistant Professor, Cardiology Division, Oregon Health & Sciences University
  • Carmen Teodorescu, MD, Post Doctoral Fellow

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