Cardiac Imaging Clinical Trials

Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute is currently conducting the following cardiac imaging clinical trials:

Nuclear Cardiology Database: Patient Outcome Studies

Principal Investigator: Daniel Berman, MD

IRB Approval Number: 1752

Contact: Nancy Zambrana (310) 423-3763

Status:  Enrolling

Summary: This long term study is the world’s largest database (4500-5000 subjects enrolled annually) of historical, demographic, clinical and outcome data of patients who have undergone nuclear cardiology studies. Information collected from patients coming to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for clinically ordered SPECT tests is used to perform various research analyses such as investigating how myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging predicts future outcomes (e.g. cardiac death, heart attacks, or heart surgery).  The objectives and goals of the research performed under this program will expand as new information is obtained and/or as new imaging techniques and analytical tools are developed. Under this protocol, patients may be contacted several times over a ten-year period to collect outcome data.

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