Case of the Month: January, 2011 Page 3

Answer: A and D are correct.

A. Bladder diverticulum with focal wall thickening, and

D. Ventral hernia.

CT from 9 months prior demonstrate a large bladder diverticulum arising from the right posterolateral aspect of the bladder with a small region of focal wall thickening. The left adrenal gland and visualized portion of the right adrenal gland are normal. There is a ventral hernia containing nonobstructed bowel and a celiac artery aneurysm.   

Review the T1 pre and postcontrast MR images,

(Click here for larger image)

(Click here for larger image)

and T2 weighted MR images.

(Click here for larger image)

(Click here for larger image)

Question: The mass is most likely:

  1. Old clot
  2. Acute on chronic hemorrhage
  3. Neoplasm
  4. Fungus ball
  5. Struvite stone

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