Dynamic Pelvic MRI Videos

Dynamic Pelvic MRI can greatly aid in the diagnosis of conditions affecting the pelvic floor. Dynamic Pelvic MRI can provide such information in a single, shorter study with increased patient comfort compared to previous studies.

General Information on Dynamic Pelvic MRI

Patient Preps for Dynamic Pelvic MRI

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Midline sagital view demonstrating a large cystocele. Patient is post hysterectomy and only a small rectocele and moderate pelvic floor relaxation was found.


This dynamic pelvic MRI shows mild symptoms of pelvic fullness, mild to moderate pelvic floor relaxation, and a small anterior rectocele.

Coronal view showing asymmetric movement of the iliococcygeus muscle.  

Dynamic pelvic MRI showing abnormal widening of the puborectalis muscle.


In a post-hysterectomy patient, midline sagital view showing significant pelvic floor relaxation, as well as a small cystocele, moderate enterocele and a small rectocele.


Midline sagital view of rectal cancer patient post external beam radiation therapy (XRT). Dynamic pelvic MRI demonstrates uterine cervix prolapsing to the vaginal intoitus and kinking of the rectal sigmoid colon causing a bowel obstruction. The frozen pelvis was due to radiation treatment.