Imaging Newsletter, March 2008

Word From The Chairman


Barry D. Pressman, MD FACR
Chairman: S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center

Dear Colleagues,

We appreciate your comments about Vocada's VERIPHY, the critical results notification system, and have been working with the company to respond.

As a result of your feedback, Vocada has integrated several upgrades to the system. The following changes will take effect on Monday March 10th:

ISSUE: You receive a notification for a patient who is not your patient.

UPGRADE: Accept/Decline option

  • When retrieving a message, you will have the option to ACCEPT the message, by pressing 1, or DECLINE the message by pressing 2.
  • If you press 2, you will be asked to give a reason for declining, which might be "Not my patient," Vocada will contact us, and then deliver the message to the correct ordering clinician.

ISSUE: You have received more than one message, and it is difficult to write down several access numbers, and call in on each separate notification.

UPGRADE: Batching Messages - allows you to listen to all open messages with just one call:

  • When calling into the system, you will enter the access code of one of the open messages
  • Once the access code is entered, it will indicate how many messages are outstanding
  • It will play the message associated with the access code you dialed.
  • It will queue the other messages by severity, then by the order in which they were sent

Helpful Hint: We suggest programming the VOCADA phone number into your phone speed dial

Other Changes With This Upgrade

We have changed the notification time frames on both ORANGE and YELLOW:

  • RED/Critical finding -
    These notifications will remain the same - you will receive a total of 5 notifications ten minutes apart, with back-up when necessary to insure the message is delivered to you.

  • ORANGE/Wet Reads, both positive and negative.
    Reduced from 5 to 3 notifications, 2 hours apart.

  • YELLOW/Significant Results or Incidental Findings that merit prompt attention, but are not life threatening.
    Reduced from 5 to 2 notifications, one day apart.



  • CLARIFICATION - Some of you listed ALL back-up devices on your sign-up profile form which resulted in OVERNOTIFICATION. However, it is only required that you list ONE PRIMARY and ONE BACK-UP device.
  • PRIMARY should be the number that is most likely to be retrieved. It could be your blackberry, for example.
  • BACK-UP - could be your office number, email or FAX.
  • The choice is yours however, for those of you who have received too many notifications, reducing the list of back-up devices will help address this issue.


Should you wish to make changes to your profile, simply click on the link below (file is in PDF format - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Vocada Profile Form

Print out the form, fill in the new information, and fax directly to Vocada at: 818-936-0647


ISSUE: Writing down the phone number and access code number is inconvenient

UPGRADE EFFORT - Allow for access through use of a PIN number:

  • Once implemented, you will be able to access messages by entering your own PIN number (your Cedars-Sinai physician ID #) and, combined with the BATCHING, you will be able to retrieve all open messages.
  • This potential upgrade will allow you to also program your PIN number into your phone's speed dial, and auto dial into the system to retrieve messages.
  • Although we cannot guarantee this upgrade will be available, VOCADA is making every effort to offer this sometime this summer.