October 2008

  • Important Vocada/Veriphy Upgrades
  • 3-T MR Scanner
  • Case of the Month
  • Our New Neuroradiologist
  • Cancer Talk Radio appearance
  • Upcoming Event: Imaging Week
  • SMTFIC Physicians in the News
  • Old-Film Destruction
October, 2008Volume III
Issue 3
3-Tesla MR Scanner

Our new 3T MR will be operational soon. This technology is designed for advanced MR imaging. It will be utilized for both research and clinical studies. Its initial use will be restricted to specialized brain exams, spectroscopy, pituitary, MRA and wrist imaging.

Case of the Month

View our Case of the Month for October. Submitted by Thomas Nguyen, MD, and Marcel Maya, MD.

We Are Pleased to Welcome...

Ravi S. Prasad, MD.

Dr. Prasad specializes in neuroradiology and head and neck radiology. Click on his picture to read a short biography.

Cancer Talk Radio

Alan Waxman, MD, will take part in a syndicated radio program called "The Group Room" on Sunday, October 26. The show will be discussing nuclear medicine and how it is used to diagnose and stage cancer.

The program will be broadcast on-line on Sunday, at 1:00 pm. To listen, click here. The program will also be broadcast on XM Radio Channel 165 at 1:00 pm on Sunday.

Imaging Week

When: Monday, October, 27, at Noon
Where: Harvey Morse Auditorium

Martin G. Pomper, PhD, MD,
a Neuroradiologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, will give a presentation on the current and emerging clinical applications of molecular imaging.

Disposal of Old Films

If you have films in your office that are seven years old or older and want to dispose of them, just call RSI Recycling at 800.420.3517. They will pick up and destroy your films for you at a minimal charge.

Important Vocada/Veriphy Upgrades

Barry D. Pressman, MD, FACR
Chairman, S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce a major upgrade to Veriphy which will simplify your use of the system.

Beginning November 1st, you have the option to use your CSMC ID# to retrieve messages.

  • Cedars-Sinai MD ID # for Message Retrieval:
    • You can use your Cedars-Sinai MD ID # (Medical Staff ID #, which you use to dictate) to retrieve your messages.
    • A minimum of 4 digits is required. If your ID is less than 4 digits, add the appropriate number of zeros in front of your ID # to equal 4 digits.
    • This MD ID # can be used in lieu of the six digit message ID that currently comes with each notification.
    • For greater ease, you can program the Veriphy phone number into your phone's speed dial. That phone # is: 888-587-0008

Upgrades currently in use:

  • Batching Messages - allows you to listen to all open messages with just one call:
    • When calling into the system, enter your 4 digit MD ID

    • Once entered, the system will indicate how many messages are outstanding

    • Messages will be queued by severity, then by the order in which they were sent.

  • Accept/ Decline option:

    • When retrieving a message, you will have the option to ACCEPT the message, by pressing 1, or DECLINE the message by pressing 2.

    • If you press 2, you will be asked to give a reason for declining, which might be "Not my patient." Vocada will contact us, and then deliver the message to the correct ordering clinician.

Notification Time Frames
  • RED/ Critical finding - A total of 5 notifications, 10 minutes apart, with back-up when necessary to insure the message is delivered to you.

  • ORANGE/Wet Reads, both positive and negative - 3 notifications, 2 hours apart

  • YELLOW/ Significant Results or Incidental Findings that merit prompt attention, but are not life threatening - 2 notifications, one day apart.

Beginning November 1st, Vocada will once again fax profile forms to those Cedars-Sinai physicians who still need to enroll. We hope you will be impressed by the value of this system.

S. Mark Taper Foundation Physicians in the News

S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center physicians have recently appeared in general-interest magazines as well as medical publications, newspaper articles, television news programs, and soon on prime-time television.

For more information, click here.