Eye on Imaging Newsletter

The Eye on Imaging newsletter is an occasional publication of the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center that offers information about patient care, services, outcomes, new techniques and procedures, new technologies and research.

Winter 2011

  • Earliest Alzheimer’s Detection
  • Functional MRI
  • Recent Research
  • New Interventional Oncologist/ Interventional Radiologist Joins Imaging Department
  • Case of the Month

Spring 2011

  • EISNER Trial Results Published: Coronary Artery Calcium Scans Help Patients Lower
    Heart Disease Risk Without Increasing Tests and Costs
  • Cardiac Imaging Innovator, Daniel S. Berman, MD Receives Pioneer in Medicine Award
  • New ACC/AHA Guidelines Support Coronary Calcium Scanning in Asymptomatic Patients
  • SUPER STAT Coronary CTA
  • Imaging's White Glove Service
  • Case of the Month

Fall 2010

  • Osteoarthritis Treatment: Viscosupplementation
  • STAT vs. Wet readings for imaging Studies
  • New Evening and Weekend Hours
  • New Radiologists Join Musculoskeletal Imaging Team
  • Injections Offered on Weekends
  • Case of the Month
  • Cardiac Imaging
  • Our Cardiac Imaging Team
  • Contact numbers for the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center
  • Coronary Calcium Scan
  • Cardiac Imaging News
  • Cardiac Case Study: Cardiac MRI in Patient with IHSS
  • Important Vocada/Veriphy Upgrades
  • 3-T MRI Scanner
  • Case of the Month
  • Ravi Prasad, MD, our new Neuroradiologist
  • Alan Waxman, MD, on Cancer Talk Radio.
  • Upcoming event: Imaging Week
  • S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center Physicians In the News
  • Destruction of Old Films
  • Vocada/Veriphy Upgrades
  • CSMC implements Veriphy
  • Grand Rounds: Dr. Learch - "The Diabetic Foot"
  • Grand Rounds: Imaging Week Guest Speaker - Dr. Eliot Siegel
  • Phone line menu changes
  • Inpatient Imaging Guidelines
  • New Web/VS Icons for Image Viewing
  • New Web/VS Enhancement For Cases Of Suspected Imaging Misreads
  • Imaging Peer-review Program
  • Improvements In the OR
  • Screening MRI For Silicone Breast Implants
  • Dual-Source 64-Slice CTA
  • Alzheimer's: "The Silver Tsunami"
  • NEJM: CT Lung Screening Increases Survival
  • Increased Hours For MRI
  • ACRIN Trial For Radio-Frequency Ablation of Liver Tumors
  • Introduction by Barry D Pressman, MD FACR
  • Improved Stat X-Ray Turn Around Time
  • Dual-Source 64-Slice CT
  • New Physician: Jeffrey Dym, MD - Musculosceletal Imaging
  • Improvements to Online Request To Schedule