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The Movement Disorders Program works with referring physicians to determine the best course of treatment for each patient and keeps the referring physician apprised of the patient’s condition. When it is appropriate, the patient is referred back to their primary care physician for continued management, while the movement disorder specialists at Cedars-Sinai remain available for consultation.

For physician-to-physician consultations:
Department of Neurology
Phone: 310-423-2407


Adam N. Mamelak, MD
Ueli Rutishauser, PhD
Ayesha Sherzai, MD
Michele Tagliati, MD
Konrad Talbot, MD
Echo Tan, MD
Jeffrey Wertheimer, PhD

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Research and Clinical Trials

Grand Rounds and Conferences

Cedars-Sinai's Neurosciences Grand Rounds offer practical insights into the treatment of complex neurological conditions. Given by our noted multidisciplinary faculty and visiting professors, the courses are geared to the practicing neurologist, neurosurgeon, primary care physician and other medical professionals involved in the management and diagnosis of neurological disorders.

Held every Friday, the courses cover topics that may range from pediatric head trauma management and brain mapping to using functional MRI techniques.

For information
Phone: Academic Program Coordinator Diana Halim, 310-248-6842

Other Conferences

The departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery also present various professional and community conferences throughout the year.

Fellowship and Training Programs

For more information about current Department of Neurology fellowship and residency programs, please contact Academic Program Coordinator Diana Halim at

The department also offers senior electives for fourth-year medical students. For information, contact Student Program Coordinator Maria Murga at