Movement Disorders Program

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Cedars-Sinai has assembled renowned specialists, working as a coordinated team in its Movement Disorders Program, to provide world-class diagnosis, definitive treatment and long-term management of patients with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders including tremors and dystonia. The team’s goal for Parkinson patients is to stay ahead of a complex and degenerating disease through its early, middle and late stages. For other movement disorders, such as dystonia, the goal often can be a return to a fully functional lifestyle. The team, by bringing to bear a spectrum of medical expertise and care in one spot and in one stop, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all its patients. The program, supported by the American Parkinson Disease Association, has three linked components: patient care, teaching and research. It provides state-of-the-art specialty treatment, and passes the torch forward by training future leaders in movement disorders and through research and development of new therapies.

Patient Story

treatment for movement disorders

Michael Sharp, 23


With care from a Cedars-Sinai neurologist, dystonia patient Michael Sharp goes from life in crippling pain to law school...

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Featured Treatment

deep brain stimulation therapy

Deep Brain Stimulation

Two patients freed from severe to disabling effects of dystonia by deep brain stimulation therapy continued to have symptom relief for months after their devices were accidentally turned off, according to a report published in the journal of Movement Disorders.

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