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Neurology - Clinical Trials


Clinical trials, or research studies, test new treatments in people with neurological disorders and diseases. The goal of this research is to find better ways to treat and help patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Clinical trials test many types of treatment such as: new drugs, new approaches to surgery, new combinations of treatments or, new methods, such as brain cooling.

A clinical trial is one of the final stages of a long and careful research process. The search for new treatments begins in the laboratory, where scientists first develop and test new ideas. If an approach seems promising, the next step may be testing a treatment in animals to see how it affects a living being and whether it has any harmful effects. Of course, treatments that work well in the lab or in animals do not always work well in people. Studies are conducted with patients to determine whether promising treatments are safe and effective.

Clinical trials in the Department of Neurology:

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