Neurology Department

The Cedars-Sinai Department of Neurology unites the field's best minds with leading-edge technology and world-class facilities to provide the most complete treatment and best answers for our patients.

Our Stroke Program, ALS research team and diagnostic experts in the Neurophysiology Laboratory are just a few examples of the department's agile, multidisciplinary approach, which ensures a 360-degree view in a constant effort to discover the ideal pathways to superior care.

Support for the Journey

Creativity, Personalized Care Central to Neurological Rehab

The road to recovery after a stroke often is a long one. Cedars-Sinai's rehabilitation experts are here to ensure it isn’t a road patients must travel alone.

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Diagnostic Excellence

Gershon Brookler

Transcranial Doppler Expertise Saves SoCal Teen's Sight

When he began losing his vision as a teenager, Gershon Brookler came to Cedars-Sinai's vascular experts to help solve the mystery of why.

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