Follow-up Care

The Cedars-Sinai Orthopaedic Center offers the full range follow-up care for any joint replacement surgery patient, regardless of where the original procedure was performed. The center provides follow-up examinations with an orthopedic surgeon, along with physical therapy, outpatient rehabilitation and home health care, as needed.

Every patient recovers at a different rate and every patient has different needs. After discharge from the hospital, patients sometimes require assistance from a home health nurse, who helps to maximize the benefits of physical therapy sessions and personal exercise programs. The nurse can evaluate home safety, order modifications for improved mobility and show patients how to use equipment, such as grab bars.

Joint replacement patients experiencing complications such as infection, dislocation, loosening, bone loss or fracture from prior surgery are welcome to consult with one of our clinical experts. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy will generally begin while you are in the hospital. If your surgery was in the morning and you are back in your room before noon, a physical therapist may see you as early as that afternoon to start your exercise program. If your surgery was later in the day, your physical therapy will begin the following day.

During your hospital stay, the therapist or nursing staff will assist you with performing simple exercises that will help you regain strength and reduce swelling. They will also discuss proper positioning and movements for you to avoid. You will be given a sheet of written instructions to refer to with your exercises and movement precautions. Each day you typically find that you are able to do more and more and you will feel stronger and more confident.

Outpatient Rehabiliatation

Following your surgery, your surgeon may prescribe additional physical therapy at our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center. Most often these appointments are scheduled two to three times a week. This service is short-term and based on your needs and progress. Outpatient rehabilitation requires an order from your doctor. During the first six to eight weeks, you will need to be driven to the center for therapy appointments. You may make therapy appointments by calling the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at (310) 423-9200.