2014 Pathology Grand Rounds Schedule

1/23/15, 12PM-1PMNone ECC-B
2/27/15, 12PM-1PMTBA Farnaz Dadmanesh, MDECC-B
3/27/15, 12PM-1PMAdvances in Heart Transplantation: Pathology FindingsLee Hillborne, MDECC-B
4/24/15, 12PM-1PMWhere Lab Medicine Creates Value in Healthcare:  Essential Steps to Get Out of the Lab and Help Clinicians Achieve Better Patient Outcomes Jon Kobashigawa, MDECC-B
5/22/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
6/26/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
7/24/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
8/28/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
9/25/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
10/23/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
11/20/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
12/18/15, 12PM-1PM  ECC-B
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