Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Residency Programs

The Cedars-Sinai Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has 20 residents in an ACGME-accredited four-year combined anatomic and clinical pathology program. The large subspecialized faculty is committed to educating residents in all facets of pathology. With more than 50,000 surgical specimens, 8500 non-gyn and many gyn cytology samples and 5 million clinical laboratory tests performed and analyzed each year, residents benefit from an abundance of learning opportunities as detailed in the links below.

Resident Rotations

Anatomic Pathology

Clinical Pathology


Elective Rotations

Residents have three months of elective rotations, which are taken in the third and fourth years of the program in one month blocks. Elective time may be taken in any area of AP or CP as long as it is used in an educationally appropriate manner; for example, to further explore an interest in a specialty area of pathology, to gain additional experience in a specialty, or to work on a research project. Many residents use one or more months of elective time to prepare abstracts for meetings or complete research projects.

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