Elective Pathology for Residents

Residents have three months of elective, which are taken in the third and fourth years of the program in one month blocks. Elective time may be taken in any area of AP or CP as long as it is used in an educationally appropriate manner; for example, to further explore an interest in a specialty area of pathology, to gain additional experience in a specialty, or to work on a research project. Many residents use one or more months of elective time to prepare abstracts for meetings or complete research projects.

It is preferred that residents use their elective time at Cedars-Sinai if we can offer an excellent elective experience in the chosen area. If, however, a better educational experience is available at another institution particularly in the state of California, a proposal to do an off-site elective will be considered. Requests for elective must designate a faculty supervisor who will complete an evaluation for the elective time, and the resident must provide written goals and objectives for the elective requested.