Investigational Drug Studies

At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, we are actively involved in the clinical research of numerous drug therapies in an effort to better understand the treatment of human diseases.

The Investigational Drug Studies Service aids investigators in the drug management of clinical trial activities. The responsibilities of the Investigational Drug Service pharmacist include:

  • Preparing and managing the use of investigational drugs
  • Ensuring accurate recordkeeping for drug studies
  • Educating healthcare professionals and patients about investigational drugs
  • Reviewing all protocols for the Institutional Review Board and Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee
  • Developing educational materials and monographs for healthcare professionals
  • Meeting with clinical monitors from sponsors and federal agencies
  • Serving as a resource for physicians, nurses and pharmacists for all aspects of investigational study requirements
  • Precepting pharmacy students and residents
  • Participate in institutional quality assurance programs including internal reviews and audit preparation

The Investigational Drug Service provides important infrastructure support for the coordination of studies within the CSMC network and works with each clinical site to develop the appropriate implementation plan on a protocol-by-protocol basis.