Mammosite Partial Breast Radiation Therapy (PBRT)

Mammosite is a type of partial breast radiation therapy (PRBT). It is an implant that uses a catheter to deliver high doses of radiation to a localized area to minimize the radiation effect on surrounding tissue such as the lungs and heart.

PRBT is not for everyone. In determining whether a patient is a candidate for the procedure, a physician will consider the size of the lump (<4 cm), how close it is to the skin, the size of the breast, and tumor size and characteristics.

PRBT may be a viable option for patients that plan to have a lumpectomy or other breast conserving surgery and patients who have already had radiation therapy.

PRBT requires five days of twice-daily treatments rather than the six weeks of Monday through Friday treatments required for standard radiation therapy.

PRBT is as effective in prevent breast cancer recurrence as whole breast radiation therapy.