Rheumatology Conference Schedule

March 2015

  • March 4, 8:00amĀ 
    Imaging Conference.
    Location: Street Level, Reading Room.
  • March 11, 7:45am.
    Wallace Research Conference.
    Location: AHSP PEC 3
  • March 13, 8:00am.
    Department of Medicine Grand Rounds with Soumya Raychaudhuri, MD, PhD.
    Topic: "Using Genetics to Identify Mechanisms for Complex Immune-Mediated Diseases."
    Location: AHSP PEC 6&7.
  • March 18, 8:00am.
    Clinical Case Conference.
    Location: AHSP PEC 3.
  • March 24, 5:30pm.
    Rheumatology Journal Club.
    Location: AHSP PEC 4.
  • March 25, 8:00am.
    Rheumatology Grand Rounds with Edward H. Yelin, PhD, MCP.
    Topic: "Getting Beyond Description: Explaining the Causes of Disparities By SES in SLE."
    Location: AHSP PEC 8.
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