Psycho-Oncology Publications

Psycho-Oncology and Cancer Pain Management

The Relationship Between Cytokines, Pain and Depression: A Review and Current Status. Strouse TB. Pain and Headache Reports in press.

Linezolid-induced Serotonin Syndrome in a Medically Ill Patient Taking Duloxetine: a case reort and review of the literature. Strouse TB, Kerrihard TN, Forscher D, Zakowski P. J Clin Psychopharmacology 2006; 26:681-683.

How do we do it: Cancer Pain Management in a 24-Hr Outpatient Cancer Center. Stouse TB, Flanagan FF, Kerrihard TK, Williams C, Wolcott DL. J Supportive Oncol 2006; 4:351:354.

Neuropsychiatric Syndromse Following Liver Transplantation (book chater) in Busuttil RW and Klintmalm G, eds. Transplantation of the Liver, 2nd Edition. WB Saunders, Boston 2005.

Serotonin syndrome precipitated by linezolid in a medically ill patient on duloxetine. Strouse TB, Kerrihard TN, Forscher CA, Zakowski P. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2006 Dec;26(6):681-3.

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