Radioactive Iodine Scan for Thyroid Diagnostics

A radioactive iodine scan is a three-step diagnostic process for evaluating thyroid nodules, hyperthyroidism or goiters.  It helps your physician identify the size, shape, location and physiology of these nodules. 

  • Phase 1: Patient swallows a radioactive iodine capsule (I-123).
  • Phase 2: Four hours later, a thyroid uptake measurement is taken, as well as images of the thyroid gland and a nuclear medicine physician examines the thyroid.
  • Phase 3: Twenty-four hours after taking the capsule, a second uptake measurement of the thyroid gland is taken.

A diagnosis can be made based on both the iodine uptake at the two time periods and the thyroid scan.

For more information, contact the Nuclear Medicine Department at the S. Mark Taper Foundation Imaging Center at 310-423-8000 or please click here.