Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Patient Satisfaction

To assure that the experience that parents and families have while an infant is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Cedars-Sinai does regular patient surveys.

These surveys are conducted by NRC + Picker, a consumer and a healthcare research organization. The surveys are based on research done by the Picker Institute and Harvard University researchers on what is most important to patients in healthcare settings. The Picker scores below reflect the averages from parents of NICU patients at other hospitals surveyed by NRC+Picker. These scores are compared to those for the Cedars-Sinai NICU and are not statistically significantly different from the NRC+Picker averages.

Overall Rating of Care Received

The table below show the percentage of  parents of infants cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit who responded "good," "very good" or "excellent" when they were asked to rate the care they received at Cedars-Sinai.

Willingness to Recommend Cedars-Sinai to Others

A family's willingness to recommend a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to friends and family is a strong indicator of how satisfied they were with the care given.

The table below shows the percentage of families in each of the past four quarters who answered "yes, definitely" or "yes, probably" when asked if they would recommend the Cedars-Sinai Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to friends and family.