Darko Stefanovski, PhD

Research Scientist, Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute

Phone:(310) 967-2787
Fax:(310) 967-3869

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences

Awards and Activities

American Diabetes Association2011

Research Focus

Currently working on biophysical bases for ion selectivity in the KCSA potassium ion channel using molecular dynamics techniques. Development of novel model of FFA kinetics that is able to estimate Insulin Sensitivity of FFA. Hepatic glucose metabolism as a major mechanism of insulin independent glucose disposal termed glucose effectiveness. Development of novel mathematical modeling/experimental approaches to quantify the contribution of hepatic glucokinase (HGK) to glucose effectiveness.

Research Contributions

Development of Mathematical Model of Lactate Kinetics to enable the estimation of Hepatic Glucokinase Activity in vivo from an FSIGT datasets. Continuing the work on the adipocyte cell size distribution and genetic characterization of large adipocytes. Co-developed novel index of Body Adiposity that is concordant with DEXA methodology and overall more reliable than BMI. Co-developed novel frequently sampled intravenous glucose tolerance test (FSIGT) for use in conscious rodents. Investigated Insulin Clearance in a large cohort from the insulin resistance atherosclerosis study (IRAS). Worked on nutrients as the signal hyperinsulinemic compensation.

Current investigations include:

Steered molecular dynamics (SMD) and Adaptive Biasing Force (ABF) simulations of potassium and sodium in KCSA and NaK channels. Estimation and statistical analysis of FFA model indices in large cohort studies. Validation of the novel lactate model in animal models.

Selected Publications

  1. Stefanovski D, Youn JH, Rees M, Watanabe RM, Ader M, Ionut V, Jackson AU, Boehnke M, Collins FS, Bergman RN: Estimating hepatic glucokinase activity using a simple model of lactate kinetics. Diabetes Care, 35(5): 1015-20, 2012
  2. Stefanovski D, Richey JM, Woolcott O, Lottati M, Zheng D, Harrison LN, Ionut V, Kim SP, Hsu I, Bergman RN: Consistency of the disposition index in the face of diet induced insulin resistance: potential role of FFA. PLoS ONE, 6(3): e18134, 2011
  3. Bergman RN, Stefanovski D, Buchanan TA, Sumner AE, Reynolds JC, Sebring NG, Xiang AH, Watanabe RM: A better index of body adiposity. Obesity (Silver Spring), 19(5): 1083-9, 2011
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  5. Alonso LC, Watanabe Y, Stefanovski D, Lee EJ, Singamsetty S, Romano LC, Zou B, Garcia-OcaƱa A, Bergman RN, O'Donnell CP: Simultaneous measurement of insulin sensitivity, insulin secretion, and the disposition index in conscious unhandled mice. Obesity (Silver Spring), 20(7): 1403-12, 2012
  6. Catalano KJ, Stefanovski D, Bergman RN: Critical role of the mesenteric depot versus other intra-abdominal adipose depots in the development of insulin resistance in young rats. Diabetes, 59(6): 1416-23, 2010