Eggehard Holler, PhD

Research Scientist, Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute
Phone:(310) 423-6630

Academic Appointments

Professor, Neurosurgery

Awards and Activities

Editor of British Microbiology Research Journal2013
German Society for Molecular Biology (GBM)1973
German Society for Cell Biology1985
American Assiociation of Cancer1987

Research Focus

Polyfunctional, biodegradable nanocarrier syntheses from biogenic material with the potential to deliver agents for imaging of malignant tissues (e.g. cancer) and infectious microorganisms. All-in-one covalent drug-nanobiopolymers as nanomedicine with highly specific strategies to overcome biological barriers and targeting molecular markers with perspecitive application as personalized medicine. Present focus on breast and brain (solid and metastatic) tumors.

Research Contributions

Discovery of a biogenic biodegradable, nontoxic and nonimmunogenic polymer (polymalic acid) and development into an all-in-one covalent nanoscale delivery device that can block signaling pathways, biosynthesis of tumor-specific proteins and/or activate cancer cell directed immunicity. Development of MRI and fluorescent agents on the basis of polymalic acid for differential analysis of brain solid and metastatic tumors.

Current investigations include:

Development and synthesis of new nanodrugs that actively extravasate into brain-tumor and inhibit with high efficacy brain or breast tumor and their metastases. Design and synthesis of MRI and other contrast reagents for differential imaging of tumors in brain and elsewhere. New generation of nanodrugs using peptidomimetics for targeting and blocking of signal transduction and tumor marker expression. Development of nanodrugs guided by tumor matrix-specific enzymatic activities. Development of analytic systems for the characterization of nanobiopolymers. Toxicity studies, pharmacokinetics and pharmaco distribution.

Selected Publications

  1. Ding H, Portilla-Arias J, Patil R, Black KL, Ljubimova JY, Holler E: The optimization of polymalic acid peptide copolymers for endosomolytic drug delivery. Biomaterials, 32(22): 5269-78, 2011
  2. Inoue S, Ding H, Portilla-Arias J, Hu J, Konda B, Fujita M, Espinoza A, Suhane S, Riley M, Gates M, Patil R, Penichet ML, Ljubimov AV, Black KL, Holler E, Ljubimova JY: Polymalic acid-based nanobiopolymer provides efficient systemic breast cancer treatment by inhibiting both HER2/neu receptor synthesis and activity. Cancer Res., 71(4): 1454-64, 2011
  3. Ding H, Helguera G, Rodríguez JA, Markman J, Luria-Pérez R, Gangalum P, Portilla-Arias J, Inoue S, Daniels-Wells TR, Black K, Holler E, Penichet ML, Ljubimova JY: Polymalic acid nanobioconjugate for simultaneous immunostimulation and inhibition of tumor growth in HER2/neu-positive breast cancer. Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, , 2013
  4. Ding H, Portilla-Arias J, Patil R, Black KL, Ljubimova JY, Holler E: Distinct mechanisms of membrane permeation induced by two polymalic acid copolymers. Biomaterials, 34(1): 217-25, 2012
  5. Inoue S, Patil R, Portilla-Arias J, Ding H, Konda B, Espinoza A, Mongayt D, Markman JL, Elramsisy A, Phillips HW, Black KL, Holler E, Ljubimova JY: Nanobiopolymer for direct targeting and inhibition of EGFR expression in triple negative breast cancer. PLoS ONE, 7(2): e31070, 2012
  6. Ljubimova JY, Portilla-Arias J, Patil R, Ding H, Inoue S, Markman JL, Rekechenetskiy A, Konda B, Gangalum PR, Chesnokova A, Ljubimov AV, Black KL, Holler E: Toxicity and efficacy evaluation of multiple targeted polymalic acid conjugates for triple-negative breast cancer treatment. Journal of drug targeting, , 2013
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