Jonathan Kaye, PhD

Vice Chair, Biomedical Sciences

Director, Immunology Research

Scientific Director, Research Core Facilities, Biomedical Sciences
Phone:(310) 248-6541
Fax:(310) 248-6650

Academic Appointments

Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Professor, Medicine

Awards and Activities

Chair, NIH Investigations on Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases Special Emphasis Panel2012
Major Symposium Invited Speaker and Co-Chair, AAI Annual Meeting2009
Section Editor: Journal of ImmunologyCurrent
Associate Editor: Journal of Immunology1993 - 1999
American Association of Immunologists1991
American Association for Cancer Research2011

Selected Publications

  1. Aliahmad P, Seksenyan A, Kaye J: The many roles of TOX in the immune system. Curr. Opin. Immunol., 24(2): 173-7, 2011
  2. Aliahmad P, Kadavallore A, de la Torre B, Kappes D, Kaye J: TOX is required for development of the CD4 T cell lineage gene program. J. Immunol., 187(11): 5931-40, 2011
  3. Aliahmad P, de la Torre B, Kaye J: Shared dependence on the DNA-binding factor TOX for the development of lymphoid tissue-inducer cell and NK cell lineages. Nat. Immunol., 11(10): 945-52, 2010
  4. Aliahmad P, Kaye J: Development of all CD4 T lineages requires nuclear factor TOX. J. Exp. Med., 205(1): 245-56, 2008
  5. Krieg C, Boyman O, Fu YX, Kaye J: B and T lymphocyte attenuator regulates CD8+ T cell-intrinsic homeostasis and memory cell generation. Nat. Immunol., 8(2): 162-71, 2007
  6. Aliahmad P, O'Flaherty E, Han P, Goularte OD, Wilkinson B, Satake M, Molkentin JD, Kaye J: TOX provides a link between calcineurin activation and CD8 lineage commitment. J. Exp. Med., 199(8): 1089-99, 2004

Lab Information

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