Paul Lapchak, PhD, FAHA

Director, Translational Research, Neurology
Phone:(310) 248-8188
Fax:(310) 248-7568

Academic Appointments

Professor, Neurosurgery
Professor, Neurology

Awards and Activities

Chartered member of NINDS Study Section NSD-A2010
Fellow American Heart Association (FAHA)2010
Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Neurology & NeurophysiologyCurrent
Editorial Board Member: Journal of Neurology & NeurophysiologyCurrent
Editorial Board Member: Translational Stroke Research2010 - 2012
Society For Neuroscience1984
American Heart Association Stroke Council2000
American Heart Association2000

Research Focus

The translational stroke research laboratory is developing new therapeutic approaches to treat acute ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. As a primary focus, we are developing natural product analogs derived from plants and other natural sources. We also focus on the application of new technologies to treat stroke and follow the progression of stroke in vitro and in vivo.

Research Contributions

Dr. Lapchak has been developing drugs and devices to treat neurodegenerative diseases for over 20 years and has focused on treating stroke for over 13 years. He is recognized internationally as an expert with the use of a translational embolic stroke model to develop stroke therapies. The highly reproducible model has been refined and calibrated so that it may be used as an effective translational tool.The goal is to help stroke patients regain independence following an attack and redeuce the high mortality rate associated wiht stroke.

Current investigations include:

Important laboratory projects include:

Testing neuroprotective agents to attenuate ischemia-induced spinal cord injury and paraplegia
Testing novel erythropoietin analogs as a treatment for stroke
Studying the role of cytochrome oxidase in laser-induced neuroprotection
Developing therapies to use in combination with thrombolytics to treat stroke
Preliminary testing of cinnamic acid and caffeic acid analogs as neuroprotectants.
Testing novel devices to treat stroke.

Selected Publications

  1. Lapchak PA: Translational Stroke Research Using a Rabbit Embolic Stroke Model: A Correlative Analysis Hypothesis for Novel Therapy Development. Transl Stroke Res, 1(2): 96-107, 2010
  2. Lapchak PA: A series of novel neuroprotective blood brain barrier penetrating flavonoid drugs to treat acute ischemic stroke. Curr. Pharm. Des., 18(25): 3694-703, 2012
  3. Lapchak PA: Erythropoietin molecules to treat acute ischemic stroke: a translational dilemma!. Expert Opin Investig Drugs, 19(10): 1179-86, 2010
  4. Lapchak PA: A new embolus injection method to evaluate intracerebral hemorrhage in New Zealand white rabbits. Brain Res., 1349: 129-36, 2010
  5. Lapchak PA, Schubert DR, Maher PA: Delayed treatment with a novel neurotrophic compound reduces behavioral deficits in rabbit ischemic stroke. J. Neurochem., 116(1): 122-31, 2010
  6. Lapchak PA: Transcranial near-infrared laser therapy applied to promote clinical recovery in acute and chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Expert Rev Med Devices, 9(1): 71-83, 2012

Lab Information

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