Rivkah Gonsky, PhD

Research Scientist, Gastroenterology

Fax:(310) 423-0224

Awards and Activities

American Gastroenterological Association1998
Society of Mucosal Immunology2004

Research Focus

Define mucosa-specific molecular mechanisms involved in regulation of T cell activation and cytokine secretion in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Employ molecular, cellular and epigenetic studies utilizing human tissue specimens with the goal to identify potential molecular theraputic targets for selective attenuation of cytokine production in IBD.

Research Contributions

Established the existence of mucosa-specific IFNG promoter elements and regulatory mechanisms in IBD.

Current investigations include:

Examining the role of epigentic remodeling of key pro-inflammatory cytokine in IBD. The DNA methylation and acetylation status is being correlated with clinical outcomes of patients in the IBD clinic.

Selected Publications

  1. Gonsky R, Deem RL, Bream JH, Young HA, Targan SR: An IFNG SNP with an estrogen-like response element selectively enhances promoter expression in peripheral but not lamina propria T cells. Genes Immun., 7(5): 342-51, 2006
  2. Gonsky R, Deem RL, Bream J, Young HA, Targan SR: Enhancer role of STAT5 in CD2 activation of IFN-gamma gene expression. J. Immunol., 173(10): 6241-7, 2004
  3. Gonsky R, Deem RL, Young HA, Targan SR: CD2 mediates activation of the IFN-gamma intronic STAT binding region in mucosal T cells. Eur. J. Immunol., 33(5): 1152-62, 2003
  4. Gonsky R, Deem RL, Bream JH, Lee DH, Young HA, Targan SR: Mucosa-specific targets for regulation of IFN-gamma expression: lamina propria T cells use different cis-elements than peripheral blood T cells to regulate transactivation of IFN-gamma expression. J. Immunol., 164(3): 1399-407, 2000
  5. Gonsky R, Deem RL, Lee DH, Chen A, Targan SR: CD28 costimulation augments IL-2 secretion of activated lamina propria T cells by increasing mRNA stability without enhancing IL-2 gene transactivation. J. Immunol., 162(11): 6621-9, 1999
  6. Gonsky R, Deem RL, Hughes CC, Targan SR: Activation of the CD2 pathway in lamina propria T cells up-regulates functionally active AP-1 binding to the IL-2 promoter, resulting in messenger RNA transcription and IL-2 secretion. J. Immunol., 160(10): 4914-22, 1998