Ueli Rutishauser, PhD

Director, Human Neurophysiology Research, Neurosurgery

Phone:(310) 967-8364
Fax:(310) 423-2786

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery

Awards and Activities

Troland Award (National Academy of Sciences)2014
Ferguson Award (Caltech)2008
American Epilepsy Society Young Investigator Award2007
Sloan-Swartz foundation fellowship in theoretical neurobiology2003
Reviewing Editor: Frontiers in Neuromorphic EngineeringCurrent
Editor: Single-neuron studies of the human brain (Textbook, MIT Press)2011 - 2014
Member, Society of Neuroscience2004
Member, American Epilepsy Society2012

Research Focus

Neural mechanisms of learning, memory, and decision making. Neural representation of novelty and familiarity in the human hippocampus, amygdala and basal ganglia. Mechanisms and propagation of epileptic seizures. Investigation of learning abnormalities in movement disorders. Techniques include single-neuron and local-field potential extracellular recordings in human epilepsy and movement disorder patients, behavioral methods such as eye tracking in patients and controls, as well as computational and theoretical approaches.

Research Contributions

Identification of novelty-signaling neurons in the human hippocampus and amygdala of epilepsy patients that express single-trial learning. Identification of whole-face selective neurons in the human amygdala. Description of the relationship between theta-frequency phase locking of human hippocampal neurons during learning and later memory strength. Development of online spike sorting and analysis tools.

Current investigations include:

Recordings from intracranial electrodes in patients with epilepsy from hippocampus and amygdala. Intra-operative single-unit recordings. Behavioral studies of eye movements during learning. Computational and theoretical studies of canonical cortical microcircuits. Development of methods for spike-train analysis, spike sorting, and closed-loop control of visual stimuli.

Selected Publications

  1. Rutishauser U, Tudusciuc O, Wang S, Mamelak AN, Ross IB, Adolphs R: Single-neuron correlates of atypical face processing in autism. Neuron, 80(4): 887-99, 2013
  2. Rutishauser U, Ross IB, Mamelak AN, Schuman EM: Human memory strength is predicted by theta-frequency phase-locking of single neurons. Nature, 464(7290): 903-7, 2010
  3. Rutishauser U, Mamelak AN, Schuman EM: Single-trial learning of novel stimuli by individual neurons of the human hippocampus-amygdala complex. Neuron, 49(6): 805-13, 2006
  4. Rutishauser U, Douglas RJ, Slotine JJ: Collective Stability of Networks of Winner-Take-All Circuits. Neural Comput, , 2010
  5. Rutishauser U, Schuman EM, Mamelak AN: Activity of human hippocampal and amygdala neurons during retrieval of declarative memories. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 105(1): 329-34, 2007

Lab Information

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