Industry Relations and COI Policy

CSMC’s Statement on Industry Relations and Possible Conflicts of Interest


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC) believes that the fulfillment of its mission as a leader in health services, biomedical research, and the training of physicians and other healthcare professionals requires effective, transparent, and principled working relationships with pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, as well as other entities providing goods or services to CSMC. In furthering such relationships, CSMC is committed to working with its faculty, affiliated physicians, affiliated physician groups, as well as its executive and management staff, to ensure that potential conflicts of interest (“COIs”) are identified, reviewed and appropriately managed. CSMC believes that potential COIs involving Industry or Vendor relations do not preclude partnerships that appropriately promote and support CSMC’s mission. In turn, CSMC believes that beneficial relationships with Industry or Vendors do not preclude full transparency and effective management of potential COIs involving CSMC or its affiliated physicians and staff. In the interest of such transparency, this policy on industry relations and conflicts of interest is always available on CSMC’s public website.