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Recoop Hst Association History

The Regional Cooperation for Health, Science and Technology (RECOOP HST) Consortium, led by Cedars-Sinai, was formed in 2006 and transformed into an association in 2012. It includes 17 universities and academic organizations from Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine), Denmark and U.S.

The consortium is a structured, functional and working research organization. According to its mission statement: "The RECOOP HST Association explores and enhances LOCAL scientific outputs of the partner organizations, creates critical mass of scientifically sound innovative research at REGIONAL level and exploits the research outcomes at GLOBAL level to improve the prevention and treatment of major public health problems."™


RECOOP builds multinational, multidisciplinary collaborations and coordinates the research activities of 18 research groups that make up the Cedars-Sinai RECOOP Research Centers (CRRC). Implementations of RECOOP’s strategic goals enable diverse talents geared toward the integration of new knowledge derived from multispecialties to investigate gender differences in common mechanism of diseases. In the CRRCs, researchers study genetic preconditions, and common mechanisms in molecular biology provide information on up-regulation or activation and down-regulation or suppression of genetic codes by risk factors in nutrition and lifestyle (smoking, alcohol/drug use, and mental and physical abuse), as well as acute and chronic stress. The scientific quality of the CRRCs’ research is reflected partly in the RECOOP’s Annual Scientific Review Journals: Biopolymers & Cell Journal 2010-13 Vol. 26;27;28;29, N2 supplementary, and Croatian Medical Journal.

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