Mouse Genetics Core

The Mouse Genetics Core (MGC) is a subdivision of the Animal Models Core, specializing in the production of genetically modified animals. The goal of the core is to efficiently provide high-quality, specific pathogen-free transgenic and knockout (knock-in) mice carrying genes of specific interest to a broad range of biomedical research projects to investigators at Cedars-Sinai, as well as affiliated and outside institutions.

The core not only produces genetically modified mice but also helps design the DNA constructs for pronuclear microinjection or gene targeting with the most up-to-date genetic technologies.

The core also offers assisted fertilization services followed by embryo transfer to save mutant mouse lines that suffer from poor breeding, or to help rederive the line disease-free, as well as cryopreservation of embryos and sperm for conservation of valuable genetic resources.

These in-house services reduce the effort and cost to Cedars-Sinai investigators and staff scientists by providing the scientific and technical expertise for the production, importation/exportation, maintenance and preservation of the genetically modified mice. The core encourages interactive usage of these animals among Cedars-Sinai investigators. This in-house shared resource provides users the chance to obtain high-impact experimental results and more funding opportunities.

Since its official launch in March 2011, the core has:

  • Rederived 36 mutant mouse lines
  • Injected 15 transgenic constructs
  • Cryopreserved mouse embryos from 14 lines and sperm from 65 lines
  • Genotyped 6 lines
  • Established 3 embryonic fibroblast cell lines from 1 double knockout line
  • Cryorecovered (embryos) 3 mutant mouse lines

As of June 2013